Non stop flights

This travel website lists non stop flights from a particular airport. Knowing those destinations which can be reached direct without a connection can be useful for trip planning. There is a specific post on this site for most airports within the USA. Nonstop destinations from each such airport are grouped into domestic and international. In addition to listing the airport code and city name, for each direct destination those airlines which might fly that route are also provided.

To navigate the site, visitors can utilize the top menu which organizes the site’s posts by three letter airport code, city name, and state. For example, if looking for what cities are served by nonstop flights out of Miami airport, one could select the City Name menu at the top of the page, then scroll down the city list, and then select Miami, Florida. This would then display the page showing non stop flights out of Miami. If you already know the airport code for the airport that can be selected using the airport code menu. Using the state menu button at the top of the page will bring up a list of states and US territories. Selecting one of those will then show a list of origination airports to select from that are in that state. There is also a search box for finding information on this site.

Nonstop flights are preferred by many frequent travelers as such flights don’t have connections. When connections are involved they bring with them the possibility of a missed connection due to a late flight. By going direct to the end point instead of stopping over, the flight is typically shorter than one or multiple stop flights, giving travelers more time at their vacation spot with less time spent in the air. This website can help travelers find such direct or nonstop flights.